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January 8, 2014

2014 Beginner Series: How to change how quickly your phone locks on Android


So nowadays most people use Androids built in security, either a pin, pattern or password unlock. This is great and we encourage all our readers to keep their personal data safe but sometimes it can be annoying when the phone re-locks every time you press the power button. This was the case for one of readers from Manchester David Findlay who emailed us the question.  Fear not as this can be easily altered by following the guide below, please take into account some devices may vary in procedure.

How To


Go to Settings>Security>Lock phone and here you will find a list of times that you can choose from. If you use your phone constantly it may make sense to increase the time but try keep it at a reasonable time for security reasons.

If you have any questions you want answered be sure to send them in. Simply email them to

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