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September 11, 2013

2,500 Fraudulent Apps in Google Play


In the month of August alone, Symantec reported that close to 1,000 fraudulent apps were produced in the Google Play Store. Such fraudulent apps were downloaded by users approximately 10,000 times even though most of the apps don’t last more than a night on the Play Store. The number of fraudulent apps on the Play Store has risen to nearly 2,500 since the start of the year and as they are published every day, there seems to be no indicator that the number of apps in the store will drop.

Most of the fraudulent apps comes from the same group of producers who claim nearly 97 percent of the false app market. Symantec reports that the newest trick in these apps are links that relocate the user to adult related sites that present a video in which you must pay a fee to view, a fee that can reach up to $1,000. The links are becoming less able to spot because the app producers are hiding them among legitimate links within the app and using redirectors to guide the user to a non-legitimate site.

While discovering new apps is always fun and exciting, make sure you know what you’re downloading. To help protect yourself further, Symantec also advises to install Norton Mobile Security on your phone as there is always a risk of getting tricked.

Source – Symantec

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