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November 13, 2014

Over 33 Million Gamers Have Played GTA Online

With less than a week left to wait until Grand Theft Auto V hits PS4 and Xbox One Rockstar has revealed a range of stats from GTA Online’s first year and there pretty impressive


The news has arrived via Rockstar Newswire were the “GTA Online Census” reveals that over 33million players in 224 different countries have logged into GTA Online. The GTA online players have managed to create nearly 10 million jobs and play a crazy 5.8 Billion.

Other stats also reveal that GTA Online players own a combined total 422 million vehicles and almost 342 million weapons. Rockstar has also told us that during GTA V’s 11 updates they have added 1,207 new items to the game and considering all the updates were free then this is pretty good going.

Rockstar has taking this chance to thank all GTA Online players for making the game what it is today. They have also took this chance to reiterate that the Online Heists we are all waiting for will arrive “very soon.”

Will you be picking up GTA V for PS4 or Xbox One? Let us know below.

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