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Xtrfy XG-M3 Heaton Gaming Mouse Review

Posted  September 25, 2017  by  Weston

Today I’ll be reviewing the Xtrfy M3 Heaton gaming mouse. But can it stand out from the crowd and make you switch from your current go to mouse? In the box and Initial Overview Included with the M3 Heaton you get a manual, a sticker and that is pretty much it. On the plus side that […]

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Xtrfy B1 Mouse Bungee Review

Posted  September 16, 2017  by  Weston

If you’re an avid gamer and you want to step up your gaming on PC, would the Xtrfy B1 mouse bungee be the right product that you add to your arsenal? In the box Included with the bungee you get A carry bag A 1.5m braided cable The base The arm A D-ring screw The manual […]

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Comic Book Decoupage PC Mod

Posted  September 11, 2017  by  Weston

If you’ve ever wanted to customise your PC and as Cooler Master say “Make It Yours”, but you’re all little short on cash, you’ll want to read on. What we’re showing you today is a simple mod that can take your PC to the next level and make it truly unique. So what is it […]

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High End Intel i7 7700K GTX 1080 Gaming PC

Posted  September 1, 2017  by  Weston

In todays post we’re going to be taking a look at a top end of the mid-range gaming PC. If you want to go all out, then you could add an additional graphics card or opt for a 1080ti and that will improve your performance. I’d say if you did want to squeeze more from […]

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AMD Vega 64 Price Increase

Posted  August 16, 2017  by  Weston

  Okay so it looks like AMDs Vega 64 is going up in price. Vega 64 was supposed to launch at $499 USD or £450 UK, but it now looks like the 64 models will see a price hike. According to a post made on the Overclockers UK forum, staff member ‘Gibbo’ has made a statement […]

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BlackBerry 10 Introduces BBM Channels

During BlackBerry Live 2013 today, BlackBerry has announced a new service within BBM dubbed BBM Channels. Building on to the already feature-packed BBM, BBM Channels gives users a new way to communicate and stay in touch with p...
by Dave Thornton


Come join our March giveaway

BeginnersTech have been working closely with MyTrendyPhone this year and we have now teamed up to offer this awesome giveaway that will run through the month of March. The rules are simple, to be in with a chance of winning al...
by Ryan Oneill


How to get Orange swapables working on ICS handsets

So you have got the latest and greatest handset through Orange but those swapable’s  like Sky Sports and deezer you where promised don’t work no matter how many times you try. You have phoned Orange and been told t...
by Ryan Oneill


Xoom root

How to Root the Motorola Xoom

This method will work for ANY Xoom on Any Update and that includes any future updates that are thrown our way.
by Ryan Oneill


How to setup your WiFi dongle on Raspbmc

So I have been reading the forums lately and it seems a lot of people are facing the same problems when trying to set up there WiFi dongles in Raspbmc. I also noted that a lot of people didn’t seem to be getting much help...
by Ryan Oneill

Galaxy S3 Prizes

Samsung Galaxy S3 accessory giveaway

So we promised you guys another giveaway so here it is. Today we are giving away 3 prizes all pictured above for the Samsung Galaxy S3.  As you can see the three prizes are – Ballistic SG Maxx case – OtterBox Clear...
by Ryan Oneill


giveaway 6

Win An Awesome Gaming PC

So last month I teamed up with some friends to giveaway a Gaming PC and you guy’s loved it. The reaction was great and it felt awesome being able to provide such an awesome prize to give back to you guys. With that said I...
by Ryan Oneill


How To Install X360USB PRO Drivers For Windows

This guide will help you install X360 USB PRO drivers on windows so your ready to go ENJOY. X360USB PRO Install Guide 1: Download the latest drivers from 2: Extract the driver files from th...
by Ryan Oneill

x360 usb pro

How And Where To Download X360USB PRO Tools And Drivers

A lot of people are having trouble getting there X360USB PRO up and running so here’s a nice list that Martin Gardner has compiled for you all. NEED YOUR XBOX FLASHED FOR YOU? Drop me an email 1. ...
by Ryan Oneill