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November 9, 2013

Acer Offer Free Photo Service to Acer mobile Users


Acer Mobiles! Not one of the first names that you think of when it comes to mobile phones, that’s if you do know that they make mobiles in the first place. Mention Laptops then it becomes a different matter.

Well this week Acer have been sending out emails to customers who have their mobiles. It’s giving users a Free Photo Service but not quite what you think of straight away. No it’s not a photo service you get in Boots or supermarkets, this is a free cloud service for your photos and pictures.

What Do You Have To Do?

1. Well you have to setup/create an Acer ID,

  • With an Acer ID, you can enjoy our complete AcerCloud service and warranty service.
  • If you don’t have an Acer ID, you can sign up for one through Acer Portal on your Acer device. If you already have an Acer ID, please sign into Acer Portal directly.
  • If you don’t have Acer Portal installed on your Windows PC, please install Acer Portal first (Windows 7 or later is required).

2. Select your setup  type

  • AcerCloud provides full suites of service which includes Acer Remote Files, Acer Photo and Acer Docs. Select express setup to enable Acer applications and enjoy the full AcerCloud services.

3. Experience AcerCloud and Be Free!

  • To enjoy the AcerCloud service, set it up on all your other devices.

4. Set up AcerCloud on your other devices

  • To enjoy the AcerCloud service, set it up on all your other devices.

The AcerCloud is a suite of apps covering, Remote files, Photo, Media and Docs. Checkout the link below.


Acer AcerCloud 

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Senior Editor
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