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April 30, 2014

Acer Unveils Powerful Chromebook with Intel Core i3


Acer has unveiled a powerful new update to their C720 line of Chromebooks. News of the new edition to Acer’s Chromebook range is very scarce including images.
The as-yet-unnamed model will be powered by an Intel i3 processor and Intel HD4400 graphics. It was unveiled by the Taiwanese company at a press event in the US yesterday, April 29.

It features a dual-core Intel Core i3-4005U processor running at 1.7GHz. This makes it the second Chrome OS notebook to use an ‘i’ Series chip from Intel, the first being Google’s pricey i5-based Chromebook Pixel.


Details are still very scarce regarding the device, even images but, from those in attendance at the event. Brad Linder of Liliputing reports that the model will be based on ‘the same chassis’ as the existing 11.6-inch Acer C720 series devices, something backed up by Brian Fagioli of BetaNews who notes that both the screen and keyboard ‘felt the same’ as the current C720 models.

The Intel Core i3 processor should see this device deliver much better performance than the existing crop of Celeron-based Chromebooks, which means that the new Chromebook will not require  a fan. But in retaining the same 11.6-inch form-factor we perhaps shouldn’t get too excited at the prospect of a superior display .

So far there’s no word on RAM, storage, (although we hope and pray it’s 4GB), price or release date. We are a little bit dissapointed that it will sport a 11.6″ display and would have liked a 13″ display.
For hands-on pictures head over to BetaNews on the link below.

SOURCE: BetaNews

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