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August 1, 2013

Adding Wallpaper and Folders

Adding Wallpaper and Folders_300px

When it comes to personalising your phone it is just that, your own personal choice. Not what someone thinks you should have, it’s Your choice. You might want a family, pet or holiday etc photo as your main wallpaper.
Change your wallpaper

Let’s tackle the easy one first. I say easy as it depends again on the make of your phone so we are going to show you some video’s from different makes of phone as it is a lot easier than trying to explain the different devices.


Samsung Galaxy S3

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia S

LG Optimus

If you haven’t downloaded any wallpapers yet, there are plenty of sites FREE at your disposal. One to mention here is on of the best on the web, this is my personal opinion. When you download wallpaper it will store it in the gallery app. When you come to choose a different one you will have the choice of Stock (wallpaper that was preinstalled ) or choose from the gallery.
So, to set this picture (I said it’s a personal choice) as my wallpaper.

Personalize_wm Wallpaper_wm

Select_wm Charlie_wallpaper_wm

I clicked the “wallpaper” folder in the Gallery view, then clicked the only picture I had in there on the next screen. After doing that, your phone will ask you to crop and frame the portion of the photo you want as your wallpaper.
Cropping Your Wallpaper

Using your fingers, you can expand the box at its edges to encompass more or less of the image, though it always stays in a certain height-to-width ratio that will work well on your screen. You can also drag the box around by pushing it around from the center with your finger. When you’ve got a nice frame on what you want, hit “Save,” or choose “Discard” if you can’t get the perspective you want. Me, I’m pretty happy with my  wallpaper.

Thanks to for making the videos.

Adding Folders

Folders on an Android home screen work the same way that folders on a computer desktop do. They’re an organisational tool, a way of labeling and tucking away shortcuts. On a screen with a somewhat limited amount of premium up-front space, they’re also really handy. here again the process slightly differs from phone to phone.

Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4


They have been very clever in redesigning the Folder options. Here again we have a video of the process

App Drawer3_wm App Drawer4_wm

The one we really do like is the ability to create folders inside the AppDrawer. To do this you have to be in CUSTOM mode. In the AppDrawer make sure you are at the top of the AppDrawer by pulling down on the page, you will see a dropdown menu where you need to select CUSTOM mode, this is the ONLY mode it works it. Here again drag an icon over another  and a folder will form. After you have done that, (and here’s where HTC have been very clever), pull the menu down again and select Alphabetical, you will see the icons are not in a folder but completely independ, geez how cool is that.

Have fun

There are plenty of guides to come, we will be, like Notifications and the Notification Bar, and that’s precisely what we’re covering next.Checkout the Guides in the Beginners Section.


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