One question I get asked all the time is what Tablet should purchase? Well if money is no option then the answers are obvious, If you like Apple your going to want the iPad 2 and if your more Android its got to be a honeycomb tablet like the Xoom. But with crazy price tags not everyone can afford these so iv decided to show you an alternative that wont leave you broke as a joke and still has a crazy spec sheet.

Well here it is the Advent Vega. It’s been around for a while now and you can own this little 10.1″ Gem for £199. First off before I post all the specs for the Vega I will say one thing, to get this to be as good as I’m raving about a few tweaks have to be made but these are not hard to do and I will post some videos shortly detailing the procedure. Basically the tweaks will have this beauty running Honeycomb, overclocked and having full market access which it doesn’t have out of the box.


Well lets get the most important specs out the way. This 10.1″ Android 2.2 Tablet is powered by NVIDIA’S 1GHz Tegra 2 dual-core processor chip set which is the same chip-set in most up-market tablets. There’s also 512MB of internal RAM, “Four finger” multi-touch support and a 1024×600 screen resolution. The screen itself is a capacitive touch screen. Other features include HDMI out, 4GB micro-SD card expandable to 32GB, USB port, front facing camera, Adobe enabled out of box and a nice weight of 750g.

Well as you can see with the specs above this tablet is not to be frowned upon, and with the tweaks that can be made this can be a great tablet for the money. The tablet itself feels great. Its smooth and loads sites fast while browsing. There’s also a nice little standard tweak available, when visiting sites with flash you can just touch what flash you would like to see which makes browsing that little bit faster. So hit your local Currys or PC World now to get one.

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