Looking for a dinky little phone, as a backup? The Alcatel Pixi 3 could just be the one for you. Sainsbury’s have an Introductory offer until 4th June 2015.

In the Box

  • Pixi 3 (3.5) smartphone,
  • USB cable,
  • Power plug,
  • Quick start guide,
  • Sainsbury’s sim card.

Don’t expect anything more than a feature phone has to offer. Although it does come with most of the Google apps, AccuWeather, Deezer, Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter pre-installed. It also come with the option of choosing Swiftkey keyboard on setup.

When it comes down to specifications there’s nothing to get your heart rate pumping.

But before we look at the specs, the Sainsbury’s Alcatel pixi 3 page says it “Can run Android, Windows or Firefox operating systems.” Well the truth is this seems to be misleading as the phone they are offering only supports one of the Operating Systems ─ Android! You have to delve deeper into which version of the phone you are getting, not whether it’s 3.5 or 4 inch screen or Android Kitkat 4.4 or Firefox 2.0

The problem seems to be that, Sainsbury’s don’t know which phone they are offering you. I made several calls to their customer services, technical support and retail teams all of which couldn’t tell me which version of the phone they are actually selling.

According to Alcatel’s website there are no less than seven yes 7 versions of the phone running Android 4.4 KitKat (4009X,4009M,4009D, 4009E, 4009F, 4008A, 4009A).
On top of this are five versions running Firefox 2.0 (4023A, 4023X, 4022D, 4022X, 4023D). Then to complicate it even more you have versions which have either single or dual sims, Single SIM Versions: 4009X/4009M/4009A/4009F/4008A // 4023A, 4023X, 4022X) Dual SIM Versions: 4009E/4009D / 4022D / 4023D.

Now don’t even get me started on the variations with the camera with various models having a 2Mp photos and others having a 5Mp photos or display with various models running TFT 262K and TFT 252K.  In all 24 versions of the Pixi 3 (3.5).
No wonder Sainsbury’s couldn’t tell me which one they have but, nevertheless their wording on the page is very misleading as the phone you’ll get can only run one of the OS’s and on Alcatel’s web page there is no mention of Windows phone OS either!

So getting back to the Pixi 3 which is aimed squarely at those feature-phone customers who just want a cheap and cheerful handset that’ll make calls and perhaps do the odd bit of browsing on the rather small and low-res 3.5″ HVGA (320×480) display, with a TFT 262k..

Don’t forget though, this is just £20, and you can pick it up at your local Sainsbury’s with your food shopping or via phoneshopbysainsburys.co.uk, get it posted for £2.50

It’s got a 2 megapixel camera (we think) and runs Android KitKat 4.4, so despite the low price you’re still going to get your Deezer, Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter fix because all these apps are pre-embedded apps

Your not going to be singing and dancing with the specs either has they aren’t really that good but, we’re going to tell you anyway. A dual core 1GHz processor, 3G connectivity, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and a microSD card slot for 32GB extra storage

The dinky Pixi 3 is 112.2 x 62 x 11.8mm with a weight of 98g for the single sim version, 4GB of onboard storage, 1.9GB is actually available to you, plus 512MB RAM with a 1300mAh battery.

It runs nicely out-of-the-box and, I’ve no complaints given it’s a low-end smartphone.

Get more details on the Alcatel OneTouch website or head to Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s site page says:

Affordable smartphone that’s compatible with three operating systems

  • Can run Android, Windows or Firefox operation systems
  • High Speed 3G+ enabled
  • 4 GB of internal memory with a micro SD card slot for up to 32GB
  • 3.5″ touch screen
  • Introductory offer
Regarding the Sainsbury’s Webpage

This is completely wrong and false advertising, saying it can run Android, Windows or Firefox operation systems. Giving you the impression that it can/will run either of the OS’s stated, where in fact it comes with Android 4.4 because this Pixi 3 is model version 4009X,

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