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October 28, 2014

Alienware’s new triangular Area 51 gaming desktop goes on sale today


Alienware are all about high performance gaming computers and their latest Area 51 desktop certainly doesn’t let them down

As soon as you see the Area 51 for the first time you will immediately be amazed by it’s shape. Alienware have took a step away from your average desktop builds to produce this beautiful triangular design system. The shape is not just there to look good, it also helps the system breath a little better by pulling fresh air in the front and expelling warm air upwards from the rear, cooling it more easily than a traditional shaped desktop would. The design also allows users to access the rear ports just as easy as the front ones.


Alienware’s Area 51 starts at £1,299 with a six-core Intel Core i7-5820K processor, a 2GB AMD RadeonTM R9 270 GPU, 8GB of RAM, a 2TB 7,200RPM hard drive and a slot-loading DVD burner but loads of upgrades are available like the latest eight-core Core i7 Extreme Edition microprocessor. The Area 51 can also house up to 4 graphics cards that you can configure at checkout as well as display images at 4K UltraHd resolution. The new Area 51 also has support for up to 32GB of 2133 DDR4 memory that 20% more bandwidth and uses 20% less power than previous versions.


All this technology is crammed into the triangle shaped desktop with dimensions of 22.4 inches high, 25.1 inches deep, and 10.7 inches wide. It weighs in at 61.7 pounds making it pretty heavy as well as bulky and it’s certainly not cheap either especially after upgrades. If you want more information or maybe your sold already visit Alienware’s website.

Is the Area 51 something you would purchase? Or do you prefer to build your own gain systems? Let us know.


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