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December 3, 2013

Amazon UK selling LG G2 for an awesome £360 SIM-Free


In our opinion the LG G2 is one of Androids hidden gems that has been overshadowed by the Nexus 5. LG’s flagship G2 is a great handset that carries some awesome specifications like the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor you will find in the Nexus 5. It also has a larger 5.2-inch display a larger 3000mAh battery and that 13 camera with optical image stabilisation that we have grown to love.

So as you can probably tell we find it hard to believe that this handset isn’t flying off the shelf. Maybe the price was the problem for some but now Amazon UK have lowered the price to £359.99, this is a steal considering most UK outlets charge over £400 for the device. The deal is through Amazon and not a third party so you should have no problems with delivery or bad sellers. I would advise to consider the deal as the G2 is an awesome device. If you want to check it out hit the source link up now.

Thanks for sending this in Jamie

Source – Amazon UK

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