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July 30, 2013

Android App to Backup and Restore your Data


BT_How_ToSo you’re going to buy yourself a new smartphone. How do you get all your data etc too your new phone. So, today, we will endeavour to guide you through the process of backing up not only your data but apps as well, for Non-Rooted phones.

On any mobile phone, you need to backup your data, regularly. Well, your current android phone is no exception to this ultra-true rule.

So the first thing you need is a app that backups applications for you, one noticeable point to make here is that not all these apps are full-proof so using more than one app is advisable. Without wasting much time lets just go straight into applications.

Note: There are other (than what we’ve discussed below) great backup apps like Titanium Backup (link to Google Play Store), myBackup, etc. but we’ve just picked up only those which don’t require Root access and that they are not just trial apps too.

For now, if you’re looking to backup your apps with app’s data too, Titanium backup is the best choice, provided your phone is rooted.

If you have a HTC then you’re in luck, they have developed a process called “Get Started” which guides you through the whole process.

For non-rooted phones you will have to look at 1) backing up your SMS/MMS, 2) photo’s and finally 3) Apps.

One problem that is now cropping up is where phones do not have an removable SD card, like the HTC One.

Phones with a removable SD card, the process is relatively easy, so we will deal with that first.

One app that it very good is “App Backup & Restore” which has a rating of 4.6 on the Play Store. This app allows you to backup (sync) the following:

Backup apps to SD card, Batch backup, Backup market link for protected apps, Restore apps from SD card, Batch restore, Quick uninstalling, Sort apps by name, install date, size, Auto backup on install, Show storage usage, Multi version backup, Search app from Google market, Send apk file by email, Share market link, Support App2SD.

What it can’t do is, backup data or settings of apps for you, but it does backup the apk files. Backup data or settings of apps is something you will have to do yourself once installed on a new phone.

If you have a non-removable SD card then you will either have to transfer the files to a PC or to The Cloud, like Box, Drive or Dropbox, etc. There are phone manufactures that now offer free storage to one of the Cloud companies which again helps you to make the process easier. Once you have your new phone all you have to do is connect it to your PC and download the folders to your new phone, install App Backup & Restore again from the Play Store and run the app to restore your apps.

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Senior Editor
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