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April 29, 2011

Android has more free Apps than Iphone

This will be a hard pill to swallow for cupertino as Android clearly has more free Apps than Iphone. The stats come from a Netherlands based mobile analytics group called Distimo it clearly shows Android has 134’342 while Iphone has only 121,845. There is obviously a few things to take into consideration like if you included iPad only Apps the total number jumps to 132,239 which is a little more competitive. ObviouslyApples rigorous vetting process before it publishes applications isn’t helping matters either and I’m sure there would be a big change if repetitive Apps where not taking into account either way it is still a big find. The group have also said that in roughly five month’s time it expects google to to take top spot and outnumber iPhone and iPad Apps combined. Cupertino will not be happy with that. If your a stat person hit the source link up although it requires you to register.

Via – Engadget

Source – Distimo

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