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May 29, 2015

Android “Milkshake” Confirmed?


While Google may have shown off the Android M developer preview with tons of new tricks, the company left out one key ingredient: the dessert-inspired name for its new operating system. On stage, however, there might have been a subtle hint for its mysterious name.

David Burke, Google’s Vice President of Engineering, was wearing an Android Wear watch with a milkshake watch face. Of course, the internet went rampant with speculation and some began to preach that Android Milkshake was confirmed, while others were skeptical, citing that it would be characteristic of Google to mess with us.

It turns out Burke and Google were probably just messing with us to throw us off. Burke later tweeted that “rumors of Milkshake are greatly exaggerated,” claiming that his watch face is hacked to display of a slideshow of his favorite “M” desserts.


I’m still bettin’ on Marshmallow. And that rumor hasn’t been roasted quite yet.

Sources: reddit (r/Android)Twitter (@davey_burke)Android Police

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