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March 31, 2013

Android Network Statistics — Viewed Easily



When it comes to downloading a large files on your Android device, whether it be  a movie, or an OTA software update, it can take what seems like forever. Viewing your WiFi icon shows a full bar, yet, you’re close to crying your eyes out at how slow the download is. Is the download server?, your hub? Well it could be anything really. Maybe your ISP has capped your broadband speed!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see just what is happening and better still, where.  XDA Senior Member niks_avana has developed an app which he calls Network Speed, a neat little app that shows your network speed, for both WiFi and mobile data, right in your drop-down notification area.

uploadfromtaptalk1364108128639  uploadfromtaptalk1364108157640

The notification displays the type of network your device is connected to, and informs you of your download and upload speeds, so you’ll know exactly what speed is your file is downloading, all in real time. With a tap of the notification, the actual app pops up and displays your network speed and statistics in greater details, with a graph of real-time speeds for downloads and uploads, the WiFi network’s name, the IP address, the network subtype (ie. UMTS, EDGE, GPRS) and the daily and monthly downloads and uploads.

uploadfromtaptalk1364108180446  uploadfromtaptalk1364108220910

Network Speed will definitely be a useful app for power users and indeed anyone who is having problems to help find where the problem is. Being simple and minimal, and light in size is the order of the day but, don’t be under any illusion it packs a lot of power.

Now compatibility: Works with Android versions 2.1 and up, and can be downloaded for free from the XDA page, link below.

Dropbox file

Now, if you download and use this app, PLEASE visit the XDA thread and thank the dev niks_avana for all is hard work. The thanks button in the left column on the first post OP here


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