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March 21, 2013

Another lock screen bypass found in Samsung Android Phones


So it seems Apple aren’t the only company struggling to patch lock screen bypass techniques. Samsung had previously suffered this, but did fix it, well so they thought as the new bypass is a variant of that same technique. This new technique will not fully unlock your phone by itself but it does give the user access to apps and settings briefly. As you will see in the video below by Terrence Eden it is actually possible to use Google play to download an app and unlock the lock screen for full access to the phone.

Terence shows us that it is confirmed to work on the Galaxy Note 2 but has the potential to work on other TouchWiz UI Samsung Android phones. Again their is something you can do now to reduce the risk of becoming a victim, if you disable screen animations in Developer options it will make you a little safer but you can’t totally eliminate it without changing ROMs. Terence also mentions Samsung is aware of the problem and a fix Is on the way. Have a look at the video below to see how the bypass is achieved.

Via – rootzwiki

Source – Terence Eden Has A Blog

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