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April 15, 2013

Microsoft throw their smartwatch idea into the ring


With the soon-to-be crowded smartwatch market, Microsoft is reportedly looking to join the fun, as well.

It appears that Microsoft has been in contact with suppliers in Asia to provide the company with touch-enabled components to build a smartwatch device. Executives at these suppliers told The Wall Street Journal that they have met with Microsoft’s research and development (R&D) team in the U.S.; however, it’s uncertain if Microsoft will commit to building such a device.

If you’ll recall, Microsoft was considering a smartwatch device back in 2004. The device would have incorporated Microsoft’s Smart Personal Object Technology (SPOT). SPOT was originally designed to personalize household electronics and use ‘smart’ software and hardware to make those household electronic devices more versatile.  Microsoft went as far as partnering with watchmakers, such as Fossil and Suunto, with later designs from Tissot and Swatch.  In 2008, however, Microsoft pulled the plug on the project.

With companies like Apple, Google, Samsung — and  possibly Microsoft — seeking smartwatch designs, will any of these devices come out on top? Are you interested in a smartwatch? Leave a comment to start a discussion.

Source: WSJ


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