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Although Google’s Android operating system is user-friendly, there are still those who find it incomplete, its overall usability level insufficient, and its general appearance needing improvement. So what does the eager Android user to do? Why, turn to the market and download any number of third-party launchers like BIG Launcher, of course.

  • UPDATED:March 30, 2013
  • REQUIRES ANDROID:2.1 and up

BIG Launcher is one of the most noteworthy launchers available for download through Google Play. It is noteworthy because unlike many other launchers out there, it’s more more than just flash and the superficial. In short, it’s actually useful, letting all kinds of users from children to senior citizens and people with eye diseases, motor problems or the legally blind. Visually impaired and technically challenged users can use the simple and easy-to-read interface with ease and make the most of their devices by making them much more suitable for regular use.


A lot of work was put into BIG Launcher to ensure that it really delivers on its promise of a better launcher for Android. It normally costs £8 on Google Play, but over Easter, it can be purchased at 50% off as part of the BIG Launcher Easter sale. So if you have ever wanted to buy an excellent third-party launcher for your Android device, there has never been a better time than now.


BIG Launcher holds a number of great features. It is meant for the visually impaired and technically challenged, as well as those who have motor problems or are classified as legally blind. If you want to find out more about BIG Launcher, and perhaps purchase a copy for yourself, then make your way to Google Play via the link below.

BL Main  BL Blue  BL dark   BL dialer

What’s in this version:

  • system shortcuts support,
  • system widgets support,
  • full support for Tecla Shield wheelchair interface,
  • preferences available from the app list,
  • optional swipe to change screens,
  • incoming MMS support (text only),
  • ability to sort contacts by surname,
  • optional menu function on all big button screens,
  • unread SMS available when SMS fix turned on,
  • ability to hide “write message” from phone popup,
  • ability to have no action on any home button


SO lets take a closer look at BIG Launcher (BIG L)
Firstly when starting BIG L you go straight into the wizard, where you will set, Language, Font size and Theme. You can change any of these later. Once finished you are shown the home screen and this is all you have until you go into preferences and add a screen or change the icons on the Main/Home screen. You can download two free custom icon apps that have icons that you can change (essentials and community). To use custom icons, go to the Preferences -> Customize buttons and screens.

You can swipe to the next screen, setup in Preferences -> Screen options. You swipe by moving your thumb/finger on the bottom right icon to the right. But the only way to go back is to use the back arrow! Why you do not use the left bottom icon to swipe back i’m not sure. Once you are happy with the setup, your good to go.Remember you can always go back and change to another app if you want to. Enjoy

Although the Permissions tab lists all, this is just standard that is the same for all launchers

Cost: – £8:00 but 50% off atm (for Easter)

As I’ve said a lot of work has gone into making Big Launcher and overall I like it, the one thing missing is a BIG phone dialer instead of using the stock one. STOP PRESS: Latest update now includes a BIG dialer, this is great news for those who find it hard to see the standard stock dialer numbers. I must congratulate the dev on their very quick work.

One thing I must say, if you have any problems please email the dev, Don’t put a negative review up just because you have a problem email the dev first or goto the help pages with video’s on the website

Google play

Big Launcher Pro

Google play

Big Launcher Demo

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Iconpack Essentials

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Iconpack Community

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