Iñaki Berenguer isn’t one to rest on his laurels. After selling Pixable for an enormous price of $26.5 million the CEO could have taken a very long holiday but, Iñaki had other idea’s.

He founded and led the development of Contactive, – Free Caller ID, a brand new SingTel subsidiary that aims to redefine the concept of telephone caller ID for the modern world. Contactive, which Berenguer began working on in October 2012, has come on leaps and bounds since then.

Contactive has a very simple philosophy, it combines all your contacts information from, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Phone and Email etc.



Identify millions of unknown callers before you even answer the call with Contactive’s Universal Caller ID! It collects information from your social media networks, publicly available sources, and Contactive’s Global Directory to show who’s calling before you even answer the call.

▶ Universal caller ID – Identify hundreds of millions of unknown callers before picking up the call.
▶ Merge contact information from your social networks for an address book that is updated in real-time.
▶ Always have something to talk about. Get a cheat sheet of your contacts’ latest updates in the moment that matters.
▶ Our growing list of sources include: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, WhatsApp, Tango, Skype, Yelp, Google Places, and Contactive’s Global Directory

Contactive is based out of SoHo, New York City and is subsidiary of SingTel’s Digital L!fe Group. We are a small team of big brains made up of brilliant designers, marketing folk, and engineers who specialize in machine learning. Together, we’re working to replace phone numbers with meaningful pieces of our lives and to shape the future of mobile communications.

We all have had the ‘Unknown Caller’ show up on our phones, assuming it’s one of the payment protection firms or marketing companies calling, only to find out it was your opticians calling to change your date etc.

Contactive acts like a caller ID on your landline phone. Only now it collates all the information from all your feeds.

Technically, it is without doubt a big mountain to climb but, Iñaki and his team have done a great job.

Iñaki Berenguer said:

There are seven billion telephone numbers in the world, and a massive amount of web content to crawl, to match each phone number with social network identities — and return that information within seconds so that it can be relevant from the time the phone rings to the time you decide whether to answer. “This is where machine learning, big data, and probabilistic modelling and analysis all come in.

Contactive has a team of 10 full-time staff,  to construct this technology. Fully funded by SingTel.

So why is it coming to Android first? Berenguer says that it’s simply one of those things that can’t be done yet by an outside app on iOS.

“With Android, when you have an incoming call you can capture the call management of the telephone and let the user decide which phone application to open [in this case, Contactive will intercept the call to assess the data]. With iPhone, only its own application can open the call and there is no option for another app, We’re disrupting the concept of caller ID, which has been around for 20 to 30 years. It is something very simple from a user’s perspective, and it’s simple enough for people to say ‘I want that.’”

Its affiliation with SingTel, which already has a user base of millions, could certainly help provide a boost in that department, and it’ll be interesting to see how it grows in the months ahead.

Website: contactive.com

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