For all those who are still looking for a File Explorer for their Android devices or are looking for a powerful and awesome option, then look at ES File Explorer as it just got a lot better. ES File Explorer has tons of features and options and today’s update improved the UI and added tons of impressive features. This is why it’s a favourite of XDA devs as they put it in their ROM’s.
It still missing the Holo look, but it’s getting closer. Although it’s not just about how it looks, it’s what it does and ease of use that’s more important, I think.

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ES File Explorer and Manager has been around for a while, and has tons of loyal users even though previous versions had a pretty terrible user interface. Today they’ve updated to version 3.0 with a brand new look and feel. It still doesn’t abide by Google’s Holo standards, and the tabs on the bottom aren’t our favorite, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

While the tabs are on bottom (and not up top) they are swipe-able which is nice, and they’ve incorporated slide-out navigation bars and such too. The slide-out bar they are calling “fast access” and it works as expected by tapping menu, then the entire UI is very polished compared to their previous offering.
Here’s What’s new:

  • New UI
  • Fast Access(Press menu)
  • Multiple Windows
  • Send Files By WiFi
  • Gestures(Drag,Zoom,Slide)
  • Classic Theme
  • New Picture,Root Explorer,Tools

It still might not be the cleanest File Explorer available but they certainly have no shortage of features. The new send files by WiFi is a welcomed edition, and something we’re sure many of you will find extremely handy. Overall we like the changes but if you don’t, there’s a classic theme available to keep it familiar for those that don’t like change. Give it a try from the link below and enjoy.
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Senior Editor
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