I have always been a huge fan of any App that allows me to improve or show off my photographs. Moldiv – Collage Photo Editor (free) by JellyBus Inc lets me do this on my iPhone and iPad with it’s sleek and powerful photo collage maker.

The first thing that caught my eye when on the AppStore was the creator of this app JellyBus. Anyone who loves there photography apps should know them or at least there apps. They brought us apps like qbro and PicsPlay Pro which if you haven’t used before are worth checking out and I will be reviewing them shortly. At the minute there are endless amounts of collage apps appearing in the market so let’s see how Moldiv stacks up against them.

For your information I am testing the app on my iPhone 5 and when you open the app it loads up perfectly, I dont have an older iPhone to test but I presume their will be no problems. When you first open the app you start the creativity by selecting what type of collage you would like to make. There are 80 basic frames to choose from with the free download but if this isn’t enough for you their is an in app purchase option that will allow you to purchase another 60 premium frames some of which look awesome. The IAP will set you back $1.99 but this isn’t to terrible if you like making collages regularly.

After you finally select your frame all you have to do is tap on the screen to start adding your photographs and of course this can be done by adding from your Photo Library or by taking a new picture. If you are importing the option to do it in bulk is there, this really saves time if you know all the pictures you want to include. If after adding your pics you don’t like the look of one you can easily delete it.

When you get all your pictures selected it’s now time to position your pictures, this can be done by simply dragging them around and pinching to re-size the image until you are happy with the final product. If you want to swap images around you can easily do that by long pressing the image and dragging wherever you please. The fun doesn’t stop there as each image can have effects added to them by simply tapping the image and choosing the effects option. As you probably already guessed you get about 12 effects to choose from or the option of an IAP “Vintage pack” for $0.99. The included effects should be enough to keep you occupied for a while, each effect also gives you a slider allowing you to choose the opacity of the effect so this is a nice addition.

It is also worth noting the the template you choose can be modified to suit your needs as well. To do this simply select “Frame Adjust” this will allow you to change the ration of the layout, corners, shadows and spacing. If that isn’t enough you can also go ahead and add some colour to your border or even a pattern. Moldiv also allows you to add text to your collages to personalise even further. As with everything else the options are endless when it comes to fonts and styles. You have colours, patterns, textures, shadows and glowing effects you can add to your text depending on how creative you feel. If you use the same font a few times the app will automatically save this in your history, this allows you to get your favourite font easily without having to search through the list again. If you think that is all again you are wrong you can even add a label background on the text and your finished product can be edited, rotated and even cloned to ensure you can make your collage as personal as possible.

There are 24 stamps that you can add to your collage or you can use your own image to make one. There is also the option to purchase more via IAP but using your own pictures is fun. Stamps can also be cloned, rotated or deleted and you get to decide the size and shape.

Finally, the last thing that Moldiv allows you to add are stamps. There are 24 stamps with the initial download, but you can go to the shop and get more, including some free ones. The rest, however, must be obtained through in-app purchases. You aren’t limited to pre-made stamps either, as you can turn any other image on your device into a stamp. All you need to do is outline the portion of an image you want to use, and then select the shape, move, and rotate the image to fit. Stamps can be cloned too, or deleted.

So there is one last thing to tell you about Moldiv. When you have created your masterpiece you are going to either want to save it or share it with the world. There are a host of resolutions you can save you creations in and they are all listed easily for selection. Sharing is also easy, Moldiv allows you to share your creation with another app for further editing or through all the usual suspects like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr

Moldiv is an absolute pleasure to use so go give it a try and see what you can create. You can even share it us. You can download Moldiv by clicking the App Store below.


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