In the past prior the the latest update to Google’s Play Store you could see your paid apps. Now though all your apps are now bunched together.

So when setting up a new device, it would nice to go back and make sure you’ve downloaded all of your purchased apps, Currently your download history contains both free and paid apps, with no way to separate the two, until now that is, you couldn’t but, thanks to My Purchase app that all changes.

MP1  MP_2

My Purchases comes free and paid for (paid app gets rid of the ads) Android app that allows users to view their entire Google Play purchase history with just a few taps.
After you install the free or Pro version of the app, you grant it access to your purchase history and it will compile a list of your past purchases from Google Play. The list isn’t limited to just apps; as it also includes any music, devices, movies, or TV shows you’ve purchased. You can then quickly view and download the item from the Play store.

Both the free and paid versions of My Purchases will reveal your purchase history.  Also works on tablets.

Cost: Paid for £0:85 ($1.29)

Works fine. I would like to see more settings and filters for dates and content. Break the list into movies, apps, music and books. If you use Google Wallet you will of course find all your purchase info there.


Google play

Free App

Google play

Pro App

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Dave Thornton

Senior Editor

Senior Editor
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