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April 6, 2011

APP REVIEW- SPB Shell 3D for Android


So if you are fed up with your UI and you are not keen on going down the rooting and installing a custom Rom root, this is well worth a look. SPB shell is one of many launchers available on the Android market. This launcher will install a new home screen, which is removable if you ever decide to revert to your old UI. This Launcher comes with some very cool widgets and features to play around with:

–          Switches

–          Backlight dimmer

–          3d weather

–          Clock (has about 60+ skins)

–          World time

–          3d Globe

–          Resizable folders


That is just a small list of some of the features and widgets available in this awesome 3D Launcher. As you can see in the picture below you can set up your home in a 3D carousel mode with up to 16 panels if you wish. This can be triggered by either horizontally dragging the bottom-center button or Tapping on the screen. When in carousel mode you can change panels by flicking them away, change colours with ease. It’s safe to say this is totally beginner safe.

After testing this app out on the Desire HD for a few days i was pleasantly surprised by its smoothness and speed. SPB claims that it operates consistently at 60fps on the modern Android device. Ok so I here all you battery savers out there saying yeah but what about the battery life? Because we all no this is what we rely on. I used it a lot during testing and battery life between this and the likes of launcher pro is no different. The only problems i had noticed is that when using picture panel for displaying flikr (pic of the day) it slows it down a lot and it’s a bit buggy so best to leave that hiding. The APP list is simply vertical scrolling with a bouncy (springy) effect to it when you touch the top or bottom of it.

Overall if you are looking to change the look of Your UI this is a worthwhile investment and I am looking forward to see what future updates bring. Check it out on the android market Price is $14.95 and uk users can pick it up for £9.18

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