When you look on Google Play Store for a file manager you will find an abundance of them. But it’s a different story  when it comes to applications, there’s very little choice. Given that users have very different ways of using the same type of app, just one additional or missing feature can make all the difference when it comes to settling on a favourite. If you happen to be in the market for a new file explorer, read on.


DA Forum Member kshark27 has developed Ultra Explorer, a feature packed file manager. that’s also open source and free. Originally kshark27 developed it to meet the his own personal needs,however he has now decided to share it with everyone else. Packing all the standard feature that you’d expect from any typical file explorer such as root browsing, list and grid views, and zip/unzip functionality, this one also brings a few bells and whistles to the table. Some of the feature you might not have expected include:


  • Special Navigation Bar at the top for easy Navigation and fast Search Functionality.
  • General functions like – Cut , Copy ,Move ,Delete and Rename your Files and Folders
  • List Mode and Grid Mode . Bottom Bar for fast Switching and other operations.
  • Gesture Bookmarks for fast access to your frequently used files and folders . You will also have basic bookmarks functionality.
  • Zip/Unzip – Compress and Uncompress Zip files.
  • Multi-Select , Share ,Email and check file properties.
  • InBuilt PDF Viewer to for light PDF viewing .
  • InBuilt Media Player to play file formats mp3, wav, ogg, m4a etc
  • Root Functionality (Untested ) – Access your files and folders generally not accessible on the file System if you have rooted your device
  • Process Manager – Kill and view running processes . Kill All button to free up Memory.
  • Backup Manager – Backup ,Uninstall and Share your Installed applications with this easy to use Backup manager.
  • Duplicates Manager – Find duplicate files on your file System . Multi-Select and delete duplicates . (Very fast Duplicates Detection within 10 secs)
  • Ultra Search – Search the entire file System within a few seconds for the file you are looking for.

Holo themed, ad-free, and open sourced, this is available FREE. So check it out, give a whirl and see what you think. Click the XDA icon below and the .apk file is at the bottom of the first post, make sure you pick the latest, currently v1b. Please click the thanks button if you download it.

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