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October 18, 2014

Apple begins removing Bose products from stores

Bose On-Ear Headphones 550

Before we get into the news I thought it would be sensible to give a little overview just incase you missed the news. Basically as soon as Apple took over Dr Dre’s Beats company Bose decided to file a lawsuit accusing Beats of stealing it’s noise-cancelling technology. The two company’s eventually settled the dispute out of court.

So onto the news, it seems Apple is clearly not happy with Bose as it has began removing Bose headphones and speakers from it’s online stores and several brick-and-mortar stores as well according to the guy’s over at 9to5mac. It seems that Bose is the only brand being removed as others like¬†Bang & Olufsen and Sennheiser remain. It looks doubtful that we will see Bose products return but we will be keeping a close eye on the situation.

Via – Engadget, Recode

Source – 9to5mac



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