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March 14, 2013

Apple exec blasts Samsung and Android


We all know that Samsung and Apple don’t see eye-to-eye so it won’t come as a surprise Senior Apple exec Phil Schiller has taken a pop at Android ahead of their rival Samsung’s big Galaxy S4 launch party tonight. He has blasted the slow pace of Google’s software updates and said that more people turn to iOS than Android. This seems very odd that Apple would be seen to be directly attacking another company but Schiller told Reuters, “Over 50 per cent [of Android users] are still on software that is two years old.”

During his rant Schiller took a pop at the Samsung Galaxy S4, rumoured to be running Android JellyBean. “That extends,” Schiller is quoted as saying, “to the news we are hearing this week that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is being rumoured to ship with an OS that is nearly a year old.” This man seems to be on the warpath of late as he is also quoted by The Wall Street Journal as saying, “Android is often given as a free replacement for a feature phone and the experience isn’t as good as an iPhone.” Continued by “you have to sign up to nine accounts with different vendors to get the experience iOS comes with”. It seems very out of character for Apple to be getting involved in childish rants but one thing he got wrong is how old the S4 OS will be as if the rumours are true the S4 will ship with Android 4.2 which was only released on November.

Android may have issues with updates and fragmentation but Apple’s latest rants clearly show the company is unsettled by the success of Samsung’s latest mobile offerings. Are you excited about the Galaxy S4? What do you think about Apple releasing these comments? Let us know below.



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