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September 14, 2013

Apple iOS7 seven things you need to know

The biggest  news coming out of cupertino is iOS7 which goes live next week,  Wednesday, September 18. Not only does it look and feel different, thanks to Apple head of design Sir Jonathan Ive, the new colour scheme, layout and icon design bring a whole new dimension to iOS. Users with the iPhone 4 or later, iPod Touch,  iPad 2 or later and a iPad mini will be able to download iOS7 next week unless you want to do it right now and in that case check out or tutorial.

While we have been checking out Apple’s new design features and its iOS 7 we have decided to discuss seven features with you.


1. Control Centre:
Swipe upwards – even from the lock screen – to reveal regular controls such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Music Skip, Airplane Mode and Screen Brightness. You’ll also find a torch button that uses your camera’s Led flash, plus a prominent new position for the Do Not Disturb function marked out with a half-moon icon. This feature has been present on Macs for some time now and it is awesome to see it on iOS.

2. Passwords:
If you’re like many other users with dozens of passwords and logins then you will be pleased to know that iOS7 will not only store them but it will keep your debit and credit card details safe aswell in iCloud. This gives you the ability to use the auto fill option on websites and stores. This service will sync across all iOS7 devices and OS X devices making it a seamless experience for the user. It is worth noting that Apple are at pains to stress that all your information will be encrypted for security.

3.  Notification Centre:
Emails, Missed calls, Text messages, Calendar Reminders and Incoming Calls are housed in the Notification Centre for you to act on as always. A new feature of the notification centre is what apple call Today View. Here you will find summaries of the weather where you are, daily birthdays, travel problems when commuting, appointments and a peek of what’s in store for tomorrow, if you dare to look.

4. Swipes:
Swiping down on the home screen opens a new search box and keyboard instead of the current action of swiping to the right. One nice touch is that longer swipe down from any screen that opens up the Notification Centre. While an upward swipe from the home screen displays the Control Centre it also closes any app the you have open.

5. Camera:
A new panoramic feature greets owners of the iPhone 4S and above. Following the Instagram trend, iphone 5 users have a choice of filters to play with. The camera roll now lets you organise snaps into collections, including viewing all photos from that year in a montage. Holding the volume down button enables autofocus without having to touch the screen while the volume up button takes the picture which makes life a lot easier.

It used to be easy to share things via bluetooth, now however Apple have finally given us a tool for passing on photos, videos documents etc to people nearby. It’s called AirDrop, and uses Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth for instant sharing. There is a catch, it’s only compatible on iPhone 5 and forth gen iPads and above.

7. iTunes Radio: 
A new feature that streams radio stations based on your favourite artists, songs and genres. This feature sounds very good and Apple says it will learn your musical tastes as you go along. Now the downside, it’s only available stateside from launch and there’s no word when or indeed if, we in Europe never mind in the UK are going to get it any time soon. We have posted Apple’s video below in case you haven’t seen iOS 7 in action.

So there you have it seven new features we liked from iOS for you guys to try out. 


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