With changes to most of their iDevices, Apple has decided to change the 30 pin adapter that has been connecting Apple devices to computers, docks, and other accessories for about 9 years or so and replace it with a smaller dock connector known as Lightning. Using this smaller dock has allowed Apple to change the size of its iDevices that they are releasing for example the new thinner and taller iPhone 5.

So this leaves a problem for those who have spent their hard earned cash on docks, sound systems and accessories if they upgrade to any of the new devices, they need a solution. Well here it is the Apple Lightning to 30-pin adaptor. This adapter will allow you to connect any of Apples new iDevices that rock the new lightning port to any of your original 30-pin accessories including docks and other compatible accessories. To use the adaptor is easy just insert the Lightning-connector plug into your iPhone 5, iPad 4, seventh-generation iPod nano, or fifth-generation iPod touch, then attach the 30-pin end to the dock connector of your favorite speaker system or other compatible accessory and you will be good to go. We managed to test it on a load of accessories ranging from a docking station to an in car AV connector and it didn’t let us down once, even when charging or syncing using the older 30-pin USB cable. The adaptor itself also looks great and is very portable due to its size and weight.

There is only one downside to this adaptor and that is obviously the price tag. At £29.99 some people may find it steep but look at this way you don’t have to go out and buy loads of new docks or audio accessories. If you want to pick one of these up just hit the source link up.

Source – iPhone 5 accessories

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