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March 27, 2013

Apple may be working on an Ultra HD television


The rumours about Apple building there so called iTV have been slow in recent months until now. The guys over at Digitimes are reporting that Apples “iTV” is set to be 4K or Ultra HD. We have all seen and heard about the new 4K televisions and how they sport 3840×2160 pixels, four times the resolution of 1080p and they look fantastic.

The latest rumour suggests that LG will begin mass producing these Ultra HD panels by the second half of the year. If all goes well we could possibly see the first generation iTV by year end. I will reserve judgment for now as if you believed last years rumours we would have all had one of these iTV’s in our living rooms already. One thing for sure these 4K and Ultra HD TV sets cost a bomb so start saving your penny’s now.

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