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August 29, 2012

Apple planning AirPlay upgrade to enable streaming without WiFi


It looks like Apple is planning to improve its audio and video streaming technology(AirPlay). This information comes courtesy of a report from The Telegraph

The new AirPlay update will enable streaming devices like iPhone,iPad and iPod etc to directly send content to speakers etc without the need for a WiFi network. The Telegraph is expecting this update to be announced along side the iPhone 5 next month. Here’s what The Telegraph had to say;

Sources familiar with the iPhone-maker’s plans said that Apple wants to improve the AirPlay wireless music streaming technology, which currently requires Airplay speakers and a WiFi network. The new version will require just speakers or a hifi and an iDevice; the iPhone, iPod or iPad would form its own network to allow a direct connection and music playback.

The Telegraph is expecting Apple to promote AirPlay Direct as a replacement to the hardware connection on many iPhone/iPod docks, and allow playback of music wirelessly from device to receiver.

Source – The Telegraph
Via –MacRumours

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