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April 24, 2013

Apple reached new milestone with 45B app downloads


Apple has some good news to report during today’s Q2 earnings report. Apple have managed to reach a new milestone with 45 billion total apps downloaded from the App Store and what’s more is they have paid out a total of $9 billion to developers.

These new figures are up by 5 billion downloads from the 40 billion that they reported in January and up $1 billion paid to developers from the figures released mid-February.

During today’s Q2 earnings call, Apple announced that it had hit a milestone of 45 billion total app downloads, up five billion from the 40 billion downloads that it reported in January.

According to Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer, they are now paying developers more than $1 billion per quarter, with approximately $4.5 billion being paid out in the last year alone.

The second quarter earnings of 2013 showed that iTunes has generated a revenue of over $4.1 billion, that’s an increase of 30 percent year-over-year. So it all looks good over at camp Apple as usual and it’s nice to see developers are managing to earn some proper cash.

Via – MacRumours

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