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January 29, 2013

Apple release 128GB iPAD 4

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Following on from our article regarding the suspicions of Apple releasing a 128Gb version of their 4th gen iPad. Today Apple have announced the details.

Apart from increased storage, the new model will be the same as the current fourth generation iPad, which was released in October last year. Apple will release the new model on Tuesday 5th of February, with the WiFi only version selling for £639 and the WiFi and 4G version selling for £739. Yes, I too had to read those figures twice before my mind wrapped its self around cost.

The storage boost brings Apple’s top-of-the-range iPad into line with Microsoft’s forthcoming Surface Pro tablet which retails at £570 and ahead of some other competing tablets.

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“With more than 120 million iPad’s sold, it’s clear that customers around the world love their iPad’s, and everyday they are finding more great reasons to work, learn and play on their iPad’s rather than their old PCs,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s marketing chief.

Apple has typically released new iPad’s in March but today’s announcement, coupled with the fact that Apple released the iPad mini and the fourth generation iPad in October last year, suggests that there won’t be a new iPad this spring.

Instead, it has been rumoured that Apple plan to release a fifth generation iPad and a second generation iPad mini in October. The fifth generation version is expected to be thinner than the current model and have a case that matches the design of the iPad mini.

The new iPad mini is, according to Apple website iLounge, expected to get a ‘retina’ display, boosting the resolution of the screen to a level that is similar to the larger iPad.

In addition to the new iPad, Apple is expected to release two iPhone models this year. The iPhone 5S is expected as an update to the existing iPhone 5, while a cheaper handset with a plastic case is also expected, primarily aimed at the Chinese market.

Are you an Apple or Other fan, let us know if the upgrade would convert you in the comments section below.

By Jonny Polea

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