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March 28, 2013

Apple reportedly cutting iPad mini shipments, next generation on its way?


We seen Apple starting to offer refurbished models of the iPad mini not so long ago and now DigiTimes are reporting that Apple has started to cut shipments of the mini by as much as 20% for the said period. The report cites multiple sources that seem to think the cut is due to the fact that Apple will release the next generation iPad mini in the third quarter.

Before you get to excited DigiTimes sources also pointed out that the decrease in shipments may be in response to “increased competition from various 7-inch Android tablets.

Apples CEO Tim Cook has also been noted a saying that the company has multiple sources for many components and that yield rates may vary over time so this basically tells us that by just looking at supply chain reports we will not get the full story.

The next-generation iPad mini was originally expected to be released this spring, so a release hopefully can’t be to far away. It is also expected that the new iPad mini will feature the much loved Retina display but obviously this will increase costs on both ends so expect a price hike.

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