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June 11, 2013

Apple shows off completely redesigned iOS 7 at WWDC


So the rumours can finally put to rest as Tim Cook has finally shown all Apple fans what they have been waiting for. As you would expect the new OS follows suit and is called iOS 7. Tim Cook called it the biggest change to the operating system since the introduction of the iPhone and he wasn’t lying and if the reaction of the crowd was anything to go by then the guests thought the same with gasps being heard during the video preview.

The new design is evident from the moment you switch the iPhone on and see the lock screen which features a new thinner text. All the rumours pointed to a flatter design and they turned out to be true with flatter icons presented in a lovely new design. The new UI also utilises the screen more with the be UI going from edge to edge and we also see new transparency for images and new typography. One of the cool features seen that seemed to get the crowd going the most was the new “experience of depth”. This is achieved by the desktop moving as you do and you can see it in action on the video below.

Messages and game Centre have also been redesigned and have a totally new feel. Even weather has seen a new design and sports some awesome new animations and a much more dynamic user interaction. Calendar is very clean and white now and a pleasure to navigate while messages also features a new flatter design as well no more word bubbles. One thing that annoyed me was the mail client but Apple have listed to it’s users and now displays any photographs received in full edge to edge fashion and you can now trash items with a simple slide. Notifications has also been simplified, while adding much more information and can now be accessed from your lock screen.

Apple was very busy at WWDC so I hope you are keeping up here there’s more to come. Apple also showed us 10 brand new features. These include Control centre that will allow users to access setting by simply swiping up from the bottom. The Control Centre will allow you to turn on flashlight, access Airplane mode and change brightness easily with a swipe, you can also access your music directly from here as well. The control centre also featured “intelligent scheduling” and the ability to swipe through all your running apps with ease.

Safari has been redesigned and looks a lot cleaner now and features full screen browsing. Tabs are no longer limited to having just eight which pleased the crowd and they feature a new view. Parents will be happy to know that parental controls have been added and Apple have also promised a more deeper integration with the newly released OS X Mavericks.

The photos apps has also seen an overhaul and awesome new features including the ability to swipe between cameras or between photo to video. You can also share your photos through AirDrop and iCloud. The app offers shared photo streams that lets a group of users drop images directly making it a lot easier. The app also now supports the sharing of video via iCloud. Another big feature is the addition of iTunes Radio, a new streaming service that lets you create stations based on your library and listening habits which seems pretty awesome to us.

As you can tell there was a lot to cover and I hope we managed to plough through it. The full press release is below just incase we missed anything. Do you like the look of iOS 7 what’s your thoughts? Let us know below.

Show Press Release

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