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October 21, 2014

Apple tells developers to use 64-bit code by February 1st


64-bit computing to iPhones and iPads is fairly new after being introduced just over a year ago , but Apple is not holding back as it tells developers that their iOS apps must include 64-bit support and be built with the iOS 8 SDK from February 2015 onwards. Obviously this doesn’t mean that Apple will remove apps that don’t upgrade but any developer looking to update or release an app after the date must make the switch. I think we are a long way from seeing 32-bit support dropped from the app store altogether but Apple has certainly started the ball rolling.


Overall this move from Apple is only a good thing for iOS users as it will mean better performing apps for users. It will hopefully also encourage app developers to fine-tune their apps to utilise the A7 and A8 chips in recent releases. Another positive is that hopefully developers will start updating their apps with iPhone 6 Plus support, although many apps have been updated there are still many that need to make the transition. Apple has made the upgrade fairly easy for developers so let’s hope they find the time.

Via – 9to5Mac

Source – Apple Developer



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