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January 17, 2014

Apple to start repairing iPhone 5c in store next week


The iPhone 5c has been around for 4 months now and I’m sure there more than a few out there who have dropped their device. There is always the option to get a third party to replace your screen but quality is not always the same. Thankfully Apple is now ready to begin replacing damaged iPhone 5c displays in store.

The price is likley to be around the $150/£90 mark for out of warranty repairs. The news comes courtesy from the guys over at 9to5Mac who had this to say:

We’ve gotten word from multiple sources that Apple will begin repairing/replacing broken iPhone 5c displays in its retail stores next week. The current plan is to begin offering replacements on Monday, January 20th.

The new service will be a global rollout but Hong Kong and Canada will not be included at this time. If any of your guys and girls have a smashed screen and need to use the service let us know how you get on.

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