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October 7, 2014

Apples iOS 8 stats show slow adoption

iOS 8

iOS 8 was a huge update that brought with it some awesome features like custom keyboards and Notification Center widgets to name but a few. Even with all this awesome stuff it seems Apple users aren’t taking to iOS 8 as quickly as expected. This news arrives from the stats displayed on Apple’s developer portal as it currently shows only 47% of iPhone and iPad owners are running the latest version, this is only a 1% rise from two weeks ago.

At this time last year iOS 7 adoption was already hitting 60% according to analytics form Fiksu so as you see it is a pretty large drop. So what is the reason for this? Could it be that iOS 8 is a large update meaning those with 16GB iPhones would rather keep the space or that iPhone 4 support has been dropped? Maybe some iOS users are just happy with what they have or want to see how others get on first?

Either way we would love to hear what you think? Have you updated?

Source – iMore, 9to5Mac

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