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August 13, 2013

Apple’s official charger trade-in scheme comes to the UK


Apple are offering a trade in program to those who are using third party USB Power Adapters. The reason behind the program is due to the increasing number of incidents that are occurring as a result of people using the cheaper alternatives including fires and electrocution. To begin with it was thought that only China and the US would benifit from the scheme but it seems us guys in the UK as well as a few other countries will benefit as well.

So as of Friday 16th August Apple will start accepting trade-ins of third party chargers against new official Apple ones. The trade-in will see the price slashed to £8 from £15 when you hand over a third party charger you have concerns about. This trade-in is really worth considering as even local Trading Standards have huge concerns about these cheaper chargers. Check out the source link below to see your nearest participating store. Please note that it is only one replacement per device and Apple will note your devices serial number during the trade. The scheme ends October 18th so you have plenty of time to get yourself up to the nearest store and ensure your home is safe.

Via – 9to5Mac
Source – Apple

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