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December 13, 2014

Appy Weather with Lock Screen Support now available for Windows Phone

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Appy Weather the premium weather app has been updated today to version 1.2 with new features, including lock screen integration. Works with Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 New in version 1.2 is:

  • Added lock screen support with the following customisation options:
  • * Choose between two different layouts: 1) “Now + Today” or 2) “Now + Today + Tomorrow”.
  • * Choose from three different background images: 1) “Bing Image of the Day”, 2) “Custom Photo” and 3) (my personal favourite) “Metro” which adjusts throughout the day/night to be indicative of the time and weather and has a minimal memory footprint (especially important for 512 mb devices).
  • * All background images can have their opacity changed from 0-100% to ensure you’ve complete control over the lock screen’s text legibility/readability.
  • * Can toggle to show/hide the current hour’s feels like temperature, text summary and wind speed/direction.
  • Snow data points now correctly show in inches when using the imperial measurement format.
  • Improvements made to general reliability of background agent to minimise probability of issues occurring, which may have previously prevented the live tile from updating either periodically or completely.

Adding apps to your lock screen is asking for trouble sometimes, but Appy Weather’s new feature was beta tested for 2 months to make sure it is flexible and reliable. Appy Weather developer Bardi has extended the free trial from 3 to 7 days, and will allow anyone who has previously had a free trial to have another again. The app, which costs £2.59 with the free trial, you can  find it at the link below BT_WindowsPhone

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