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Today we look at the Artwizz SeeJacket Alu for iPhone 5/5s, a case that brings a bit of class with it’s aluminium shell. So as you would expect we are always a tad skeptical about surrounding our iPhone’s in metal considering in the past holding it the wrong way could cause signal problems but lets see how we get on. This case comes in many different colour options but we opted for the Titan version as we felt it would compliment our space grey iPhone perfectly.

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The case itself comes in two pieces, the aluminium outer shell and a rather flimsy feeling silicone insert piece. As a matter of fact when holding both pieces separately the both feel on the cheap side but it is a different story when they are put together.

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In the past I have personally found two piece cases to be a tad irritating to put together but in all honesty the SeeJacket Alu went together with no fuss at all. The silicone wraps around the iPhone 5s with ease and the shell then just snaps over it. All the features of the iPhone remain accessible while the case is on meaning you can easily access the volume and power buttons with ease. When holding the iPhone I was thinking that it would slide out of my hand due to the aluminium but it felt like using the iPhone with no case at all.

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As for protection the SeeJacket Alu offers a great deal. The aluminium shell will keep your device safe from any small drops as it covers all the impact zones. The rubberised part of the case also extends out a little over the screen creating a lip meaning your screen will have some protection if it happens to fall face down or even if you just lie it face down on the table. As you can see from the pictures above there is also some raised rubber parts these really help with grip and make the case nice to hold.

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As for the worry of signal loss there is nothing to worry about here. I have used the case for a good few weeks now and seen no difference at all so if it causes signal loss it is not significant enough to notice. This also goes for WiFi so if this was the only concern you had your good to go.


This case is going to allow you to keep that awesome feel of holding your iPhone with no case and not take away from it’s good looks. If your looking to pick this case up you can get it from MyTrendyPhone for £25.30 which is a good deal for such a stylish case.

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