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April 1, 2013

BB7 to Coexist with BB10 in Emerging Markets


With the release of the long-awaited Z10, which is powered with the new BB10 software, BlackBerry understands that its BB7 operating system is still great. That’s why BlackBerry has decided to keep the BB7 operating system around while the company builds its BB10 portfolio.

In an interview with The Canadian Press, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins stated that BlackBerry plans on releasing new BB7 devices in emerging markets, so buyers who may not be able to afford the more expensive BB10 devices, can still purchase high-quality mobile technology. “We want to give them a good BlackBerry experience. So this is where probably another BlackBerry 7 product in that range makes a lot of sense,” Heins said.

This is more evidence that BlackBerry is moving in the right direction. By keeping the current BB7 phones – along with new devices – in emerging markets, BlackBerry can keep its existing consumer base. Current BlackBerry users won’t have to switch to another OS because they cannot afford the new BB10 devices. This also means that when cheaper BB10 phones do arrive in emerging markets, consumers will snatch them up.

Keep up the good work, BlackBerry. Your future is becoming brighter and brighter!

Source: The Canadian Press

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