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August 15, 2013

BBC launches CBeebies Playtime app for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire, parents rejoice


BBC has launched the CBeebies Playtime app on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire. This could be awesome for parents out there especially if your kids are hogging the television or getting on your nerves. The new app has four mini games, which include coloring with Mr. Tumble, learning words with Alphablocks and a racing game with Tree fu Tom. You will be happy to know the app is free and parental controls are included, the games also work offline.So all that’s left to do is get the app.downloaded on your device and decide whether or not you can trust the kids with your beloved tech but piece and quiet is just around the corner. The full press release is below.

Show Press Release

Source – CBeebies (iTunes), CBeebies (Google Play), CBeebies (Amazon)

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