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January 28, 2015

BBC to talk with Microsoft developing Its apps for Windows 10

wpid-BBC.jpgWindows Phone has been getting a raw deal from good old Auntie (The BBC.) There has been quite a lot of backlash over the BBC’s lack of updates for the News app for example.

Yes there has been updates for Android and iOS that in fact were deemed has been given a ‘major overhaul’ with the goal of offering a more “personalised” service.  During the launch of this new News app, BBC specifically mentioned that there is no plan at present for a version for Windows Phone devices.

Yesterday, the BBC discussed the feedback they received from the community following the app launch. In the blog post, they highlighted that there have been a lot of comments and questions asking them why they haven’t released a Windows version of the app.

In fact the BBC said they wasn’t going to anything about Windows 8+. I was one among many, that complained about it and how they were going to create an app for Amazon Fire!
The BBC has now responded that they will discuss with Microsoft on creating universal app based on Windows 10 targeting many device types.

The BBC could well update all their apps to Windows 10, as this would make sense.

Taken from the BBC blog:

Following the announcements of Windows 10 last week we will discuss with Microsoft the new cross device app opportunities that are now available.

Source: BBC

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