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December 9, 2013

BeginnersTech stocking filler tips


So a lot of sites bring you the gadget christmas guide so we will leave all the big toys to them. Our aim to is to help you find some awesome stocking fillers to keep the tech lovers in your life very happy this Christmas. So the list below is in no particular order and contains some ideas to hopefully help you on your way. Just a note that this list contains no paid advertisements etc this is all selected by myself.


First up we have the chargecard, we have already reviewed the chargecard on BeginnersTech an loved it. Basically it’s a portable charge and sync cable for your mobile device in the shape of  a credit card. It fits perfectly into your wallet and you can charge your device anywhere there is a USB port or transfer files anytime you need. You can buy the Chargecard for $25 with free worldwide shipping and they make them for all popular devices. If your ready to buy then you can get it HERE.

tylt vu

Next up we have the Tylt Vu wireless charging cradle. We are currently in the process of writing up the review of the Vu and feel it really needs a mention. We have reviewed many wireless chargers in the past but the Tylt Vu just delivers where others have failed. The Vu features 3 charging coils ensuring your wireless charging capable device can be charged no matter what way you sit your device on it. Well not go into more detail as the review will be ready shortly but if the tech lover in your life has a device that can be charged wirelessly then look no further. You can pick the Tylt Vu up on Tylts website or Amazon UK

back - עותק

Another item we love and are also currently reviewing is this car mount by Montar. We are actually giving 5 away in our competition if you are feeling lucky get entering. As i have said we are currently writing a review up on the Montar mount but this is by far the best car mount money can buy and it’s future proof meaning when you change device you won’t have to change mount. You can pick this up for the awesome price of £19.99 here

Premium Power Bank

A power bank is a present any tech lover will appreciate. Having spare juice while on the move is invaluable. We aren’t going to recommend any particular model as they are all really good and if you have a look in our hardware review section you will find we have reviewed a good few. What we will recommend is you check out Mobile Solar Chargers as they specialise in this field and their service is second to none.


Nowadays mobile phones and tablets are pretty expensive so protecting them should be high up on the agenda. Cases these days not only protect your device but add style to it. We are not going to recommend any particular cases in this instance but suggest you visit our friends over at MobileFun who specialise in this field. You will find a large selection for every device with a price tag to suit every budget.

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