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May 5, 2013

BeginnersTech Week In Review 05/05/2013 – HTC and Samsung show us design videos and Twitter extend API v1 retirement date

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So another busy week has past at BeginnersTech HQ and we have another busy week ahead. We will be reviewing the Huawei Ascend P1 and the Roku 2 XS as well as delivering all the latest technology news from around the web. This week has seen a lot of news including HTC and Samsung releasing videos detailing the art behind crafting their flagship devices and Twitter have decided to extend the retirement date of their API v1. So in no particular order as usual here is our week in review.

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 announced

2. Samsung release video detailing the design story behind the S4 

3. Devolo dLan 500 AV Wireless + Starter Kit Review

4. Chat apps overtake SMS texts, Informa says

5. App- Review Sherpa personal assistant for Android launches in UK

6. New name for Xbox 720 could be Xbox Infinity?

7. HTC shutting down Watch in countries that don’t engage

8. HTC M4 leaks, looks like it’s big brother

9. The HTC One has a design story to (Video)

10. Twitter – API v1 Retirement Date Extended to June 11th  2013

Stay tuned until next time…

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