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March 24, 2013

BeginnersTech Week In Review 24/03/2013 – The SmartWatch battle begins

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This week seen the start of what we like to call the SmartWatch battle. We had all heard of the iWatch rumours but now it seems Samsung, Google and even LG are all wanting a piece of the market so things will no doubt get exciting as they all race to see who can get to market quickest. In other news the S4 was given a price tag in the UK, the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini was spotted and HTC finally cleared up the delay saga with the HTC One. Apple released iOS 6.1.3 to patch the Evasi0n jailbreak and other bugs but it turns out yet another lockscreen bypass has been found. There were loads of cool App updates and Google launched it’s new note taking service known as Google Keep. So here’s some of  our week in review incase you missed it.

1. The Galaxy S4 has been giving a UK SIM-free price

2. New Android Gmail update enables actionable notifications

3. Draw Something 2 is coming soon

4. VP of Samsung drops the proverbial SmartWatch bomb

5. Apple releases iOS 6.1.3 Update

6. Google Keep note taking service launches on Android and Web (Video)

7. Sony SmartWatch software updated, new watch faces added and more

8. Another lockscreen bypass found in iOS 6.1.3 (Video)

9. Another lockscreen bypass found in Samsung Android phones

10. High level employee Xbox Live accounts hacked

11. HTC One to arrive in UK and Germany next week, US have to wait till end of April

12. Google joins the SmartWatch race

13. Samsung Galaxy S4 mini appears in the wild

Stay tuned until next time…

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