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April 28, 2013

BeginnersTech Week In Review 28/04/13 – Nokia release a qwerty keyboard handset and we go hands on with Devolo’s LiveCam

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Well another busy week is over at BeginnersTech HQ and a lot has went down in the short space of this week. Nokia decided it wanted to enter the qwerty market with the release of the Ash handset and we reviewed something a little different from Develo. As usual there has been loads of reviews and tutorials posted as well as the latest technology news but as per usual the guy’s have selected there 10 chosen posts to help some the week up for you, so in no particular order here is our week in review.

1. dLan LiveCam starter kit review

2. HTC target low to mid-range market

3. Apple return 5-8M iPhones to Foxconn, not fit for purpose

4. [How To] Customise BlinkFeed on the HTC One

5. HTC suffer another setback with the One

6. UK phone stores offering great deals on the Samsung Galaxy S4

7. Samsung exec hints at waterproof and dustproof S4 in coming weeks

8. New-App-Review BBC release iPlayer radio app on Android devices

9. Apple reached new milestone with 45B app downloads

10. Is your Android mobile 3G APN not connecting to the Tmobile or EE network?

Stay tuned until next time…

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