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March 31, 2013

BeginnersTech Week In Review 31/03/2013 – We welcome new team members

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It has been a busy week here at BeginnersTech, we have welcomed 3 new members to our team that go by the names Lee Mckellar, Dave Thornton and Joshua LaRose. you will be seeing plenty of articles hitting your screens from these guy’s and I’m sure you will enjoy them. It has also been a busy week for Tech news, we have had loads of apps updated and plenty of breaking stories. We have decided that from now on the “week in review” will feature what we think are our top ten stories (In no particular order) from that week so we hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend and here’s what you may have missed this week.

1. Samsung Galaxy S4 Pre-orders begin

2. Is Lenovo about to buy NEC mobile division?

3. Temple Run and other games coming to Windows Phone this week

4. Summly app bought for millions and removed from App Store

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will arrive in April and cost more than the iPad mini

6. Scottish Highlands to get broadband by 2016

7. Facebook Messenger iOS app now allows free calling in the UK

8. BlackBerry Q4 results are in

9. Google intent on developing Keep

10. Facebook holding Android event April 4th

Stay tuned until next time…

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