Belkin are usually a very reliable company when it comes to protection for your mobile device and they never really lack in the quality department either. With that said today we are giving our review of the Belkin Grip Sheer Matte case for the HTC One. It is worth noting that this minimalist style case comes in a few different semi-transparant colour options that look and feel great on the HTC One.


The Grip Sheer Matte is a one piece polyurethane rubber case that has a very different feel to it than other rubber cases on the market. Being constructed from this type of rubber ensures that it just hugs your HTC One allowing you to fit and remove without to much hassle. When on the HTC One the case itself looks great, the semi-transparant matte finish allows you to still see a good bit of your device and having an HTC One I’m sure this is something you want to do.

With the case on all buttons and ports are easily accessible. The volume rocker has a raised rubber over the top and this makes it very easy to adjust the volume if need be. The power/IR Blaster button, micro-USB port and 3.5mm audio port all feature cutouts that in no way impact access. I tried a few different pairs of headphones with this case and all fitted with no hassle. One great point about this case compared to others is how easy it is to use the power button as some thicker case’s make it difficult due to the fact it sits so flush to the housing. The case also features a tidy looking cutout for the camera, microphone’s and flash and the case does not interfere with the flash at all.


In terms of protection this case will probably offer a decent amount for everyday users without over bulking your device. There is a nice lip around the edge of the case that allows you to be able to lie your device screen down without worrying about that wonderfull screen getting damaged. The rubber around the corners and sides of the case feels very rigid so it should do a decent job of protecting your devices impact zones if the worst happens to occur. Being called Grip it would probably occur to you that this case does feel great when you hold it, the finish on the case allows for a nice secure grip.


Overall this case is great for those who like to take the minimalist approach, it will protect your phone without compromising it’s beauty. The material that it is made with is very duarable and unlike other TPU cases is does not scratch easy thus it will last you a very long while.If you are looking to buy this case you can grab it from MobileFun for a cool £15.95 and it will be sure to keep your expensive device safe.

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