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July 23, 2013

Bigger is better…..well sort of.


So the secret splash of orange was revealed this morning in the form of the new 4.7 inch Nokia Lumia 625.

The Lumia 625 will be the largest Windows 8 phone to join the Lumia family, a whole .2 inches(5.08mm) bigger than the top of the line Lumia 925. So is bigger better… Well no. This unfortunately is not the going to be knocking the HTC One off its throne anytime soon(all hail the king) however it is bringing a big screen element to the masses.

So lets talk specs for this budget big screen. That 4.7 inches of screen real-estate is a little underwhelming as Nokia have decided to keep the same resolution from the 620 at a pixelated 480×800. Nokia are not usually ones for stepping out to far from the safe zone when it comes to processors, usually keeping a processor through two or more versions of similar phones however with the 625 they have opted for a faster Dual Core Snapdragon S4. Also you will be pleased to note that they have also added LTE to ensure that your status updates regarding your latest culinary adventures reach the masses faster.

Nokia have been investing vast amounts of Finnish markka into camera technology that can easily be seen in the magnificent PureView 8.7MP sitting in the Lumia 925 to the monster 41MP Lumia 1020. So you may expect that the relesae of the 625 warrants something just as amazing…. prepare to be underwhelmed as the 625 will carry a measly 5MP, however you will still get Nokias fabulous Smart Camera app to help those low megapixel ‘selfies’ look amazing.

As for on board storage you will get 8GB enough for Angry Birds and Instagram plus the addition of a much needed Micro SD card slot capable of 64GB.

The 620 is really playing to the demographic and offering the phone in 5 fun filled interchangeable polycarbonate colour cases, orange, yellow, green, black and white.

This was never meant to be an all signing all dancing champ to enter the smart phone arena and take on the big boys at Samsung and HTC. Nokia are really going back to their roots and offering affordable feature packed phones to the masses. I salutes you Nokia in all your polycabonate wonder.

Let me know what you think about the Lumia ranges new addition. Could this be the new Nokia 5110? Will it be able to hammer in a nail or chock up a tyre?

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